Keno Tung (b. 1991, Taipei, Taiwan) is a sound-based video artist, podcaster, and arts worker who currently lives in New York. Tung obtained her BFA in the motion picture from National Taiwan University of Art in Taipei, Taiwan in 2014 and now is further to attain her MFA degree in Fine Art from School of Visual Art in New York. Tung’s practice explores the limitation in language expression by creating literature conversation in sounds, that comes from unclear situations and dimensions, within one-minute short video.

KENO TUNG(b. 1991,台灣台北)是一位目前生活在紐約的聲音與影像藝術家、音頻節目主持人和藝術工作者。他於2014年取得國立臺灣藝術大學電影學系學士學位,隨後前往紐約在紐約視覺藝術學院繼續攻讀純藝術。他的作品主要透過具有文學性質的日常對話,探討語言表達的困難與限制,利用一分鐘的短影像製造模糊不清的事件與時空交錯的想像空間。

(US)Tel: (213)308-8372

Podcast: 正念藝術家製造公司 Mindfulness

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