2019, New York, United States

  • Video and sounds

  • Installation

  • Interactive art

  • Meditation

  • Nature scene 

  • Dreams

  • Fire, Motivation, Execution

  • Waterfall, Inspiration

  • WindPerception

  • Observation

According to the Maerda Natural Treatment method, like crystals and minerals, each kind of natural scene and geographical form has its particular energetic resonance with human beings. Through meditation, entering the core of being, the energy gains nature's power. With relaxation, new directions will present themselves. 

The installation comprises imagination of sounds of FIRE,  WATERFALL, WIND represented...Read More


Instant Cinema

2020, New York, United States

  • Video and sounds

  • Installation

  • Interactive art

  • Movie scene

  • Reality and unreality

  • Subtitles

  • Communication

INSTANT CINEMA is a series of one-minute videos fantasizing about my experiences on the streets of New York as scenes in a movie.


In order to better distinguish between "active" and "passive" watching, I try to control what I watch. Starting from the same street that I pass by every day, I deliberately ask myself to notice the smoke emerging from a manhole cover or to listen to the homeless man on the street corner who is constantly shaking a bucket full of loose change and asking passersby for money...Read More

The Song About One.jpg

Song About ONE

2017, Taipei, Taiwan

  • Video and sounds

  • Performance

  • Meditation

  • Website art

  • Nature scene

  • Landscape

  • Motherland

This piece brings together various approaches to mindfulness and meditation with treatment methods connected to the energy of the natural environment (Maerda Natural Treatment), attempting to introduce the meditation with which I am familiar to natural environments with different energies through practice and the recording thereof. To simulate a live exhibition, I presented it in a web-page format; the videos play simultaneously throughout the page and on a loop, with the natural sounds from the environment mastered into a kind of song...Read More



2019, New York, New York

  • Video and sounds

  • Performance

  • Emotions

  • Soul

  • Sadness

  • Joy

  • Fear

  • Melancholy

  • Anger

Everything around us is made up of energy composed of vibrations, frequencies, and emotions. UNDERTONE connects the daily events of life through one's inner consciousness. The arrangement of the film is derived from the concept of ‘’Five Elements’’ emotional therapy of Chinese medicine, which points out that sadness will be overtaken by joy; joy will be overtaken by fear; the fear will be overtaken by melancholy; melancholy will be overtaken by anger. They are portrayed as abstract characters using various sounds, instruments and neutral, inverted colors to foster self-reflection and inspiration...Read More