My work is to create a surreal space between human interactions in the daily mundane lives. I usually magnify and twist disappointment, frustration, and misunderstanding of all the limitation in language expression by creating literature conversation in sounds, that comes from unclear situations and dimensions, within one-minute short video.

Originally from Taiwan, a place controversially considered a country. I am a Non-binary queer, a person defined neither male or female. In addition, as a student who lives abroad and required to communicate in two languages on a daily basis, I have been feeling so awkward to verbally express my deep desire to be understood and heard since I feel I am always outside of any definite category. The eagerness drives me to emotionally relay my words through people’s interactions.

In my work, there is always a transparent feeling of watching a movie as a third person like a soul from another dimension. I make conversations that plays on a specific frame of an entire image. The image symbolizes the inner emotions occurring in another time-space in opposition to the listeners from the outside world.

In my ongoing project INSTANT CINEMA, every one-minute video work is built one after another in New York City. This is the first time I extend my sound-based video work to public areas where people can go discover locations, which were shot in videos, and access it by having a QR code available. It makes my works more accessible beyond gallery and studio.







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Facebook: Keno Tung 

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