MAR, 2019






Everything around us is made up of energy composed of vibrations, frequencies, and emotions. UNDERTONE connect the daily events of life through one's inner consciousness. The arrangement of the film is derived from the concept of ‘’Five Elements’’ emotional therapy of Chinese medicine, which points out that the sadness will be overtaken by joy; joy will be overtaken by fear; the fear will be overtaken by melancholy; melancholy will be overtaken by anger. They are portrayed as abstracted characters using various sounds, instruments and neutral, inverted colors to foster self-reflection and inspiration.


The viewer is meant to feel the same emotional investment that they would feel if they were watching a series of feature-length movies. One shot, one scene and one minute are designed to focus on the essence of the story; which usually takes two or three hours in an actual movie.

The videos order and its elements:

1.Society(Sadness) /Stay being controlled, stay being aware.

2.Love(Joy) /LOVE doesn’t sound like what we usually thought.

3.Socializing(Fear) /Would the right timing be the core of fears.

4.Conversation(melancholy) /The same game of life, the wrong response.

5.Memory(Anger) /The toilet is clean, but you are not.


We experience a complexity of emotional energy daily through outside forces. These forces trigger inherent emotions and subconsciously bring back memories. Undeniably, we are not always ready for these instances. However, we can only fully understand what we’re feeling when we try to step out of ourselves and find the root of the problem. In UNDERTONE, depicting five roles of mundane life and reversing the images into negative pictures to give the perspective of looking inward at reality from a spiritual dimension. In this world time can be redefined; each film is one minute, which could be the lifetime of the video’s subject.  The sounds in UNDERTONE represent the complexity of emotions through the synchronization with the frequency and position of each frame, providing clues to the mood of the videos.


UNDERTONE uses five videos, audio and the environment to guide the audience from one emotional energy to another: to see things inside out and our objective views from subjective emotions. It delivers the undertone of self-awareness both in our deep mind and outside world.







在live performance中,使用光感反應的電子振盪器,用electronic sound作為之餘影片聲音外的能量對白,鋪陳電影中聲音多元的元素。利用劇場使用的scrim將投影畫面與表演者融合在一起,隨著光與振盪器的接觸,會在scrim上顯示出表演者,再次傳達undertone的概念:表象與內在。另外,影片安排的順序也源自於中國醫學的五行情緒療法,悲傷為喜樂所蓋-喜樂為恐懼所蓋-恐懼為思慮所蓋-思慮為憤怒所蓋。’’UNDERTONE’’將五支影片用loop的方式引導觀眾從一個情緒能量轉移到另一個情緒能量,透過scrim從外在看到內在,透過聲音與影像從主觀看到客觀的情緒當下。