Being the moment of working itself is the frequency of beauty 


In the moment of performing work, we express the art of existence. Contrasting ordinary daily life with a surreal natural environment, this piece highlights the senses of “true” and “false” and simultaneously reveals both the physical world in people’s minds and the energetic world of the universe.


The design takes a small shipping container and converts it into a studio for work, a studio which also serves as the performance space. The happenings inside it will be filmed and simulcast both in exhibition spaces and on social media. In addition, the studio can be themed for different performance content and set up in different natural environments.


According to the Maerda Natural Treatment method, like crystals and minerals, each kind of natural scene and geographical form has its own particular energetic resonance with human beings. 

  • Rocks are symbolically linked to the energy of order, helping us be less easily disrupted by chaos and disorder and enabling steadiness and stability.​​

  • The ocean is symbolically linked to the energy of the womb, leading our hearts and minds back to the feeling of being completely surrounded by love and the experience of absolute blessedness that we felt before our births, helping us rediscover the energy to face life.

  • Caves are symbolically linked to the energy of fearlessness, helping us escape the cover of habit and routine, and thus to be able to more readily adapt, change, and experience peace.


In addition to my own incarnation of this, it could also be set up in other different natural environments around the world and replicated at different scales, creating other studios into which people of various lines of work could be invited to move their daily tasks, with these individuals making it into a kind of surreal, temporary studio. They would be available for short-term rental, with the rentals recorded in images and videos and incorporated into live online broadcasts, combining with my version to create a fused art exhibit, with similar live broadcasts of the walking studios around the world on display at exhibition spaces.