Medium: Video, Audio Mastering, Performance
Meditation Documentary (6 locations)

According to the Maerda Natural Treatment method, like crystals and minerals, each kind of natural scene and geographical form has its own particular energetic resonance with human beings. ex. Mist: The energy of elevated consciousness. Relaxation allows the new to enter, with no need to fear chaos. With relaxation, new directions will present themselves.

Caves: The energy of fearlessness. By escaping the cover of habit, we can more readily accept change and experience piece.

Ocean: The energy of the womb. In the right place, we can receive nourishment and wait for opportunity to arise. No difficulties can stymying our growth, as everything is in the process of evolving.

This piece brings together various approaches to mindfulness and meditation with treatment methods connected to the energy of the natural environment (Maerda Natural Treatment), attempting to introduce the meditation with which I am familiar to natural environments with different energies through practice and the recording thereof. To simulate a live exhibition, I presented it in a web-page format, the videos play simultaneously throughout the page and on loop, with the natural sounds from the environment mastered into a kind of song, presenting an integrated whole composed of the recorded images and sounds along with the feelings and mindset. Through this, the piece communicates the concept of the non-existence of time, and that all physical phenomena across all points in space and time are “one.”

Different approaches to mindfulness meditation each have their own most appropriate times and their own different effects. I chose to use different approaches in different environments as felt most suited to the atmosphere of the time, including traditional zazen, standing barefoot to connect with the environment, meditating with music, and walking at 50% of the usual speed. Each of these aimed to connect with the particular energetic messages communicated by the natural environment, enabling the energy of truth to interact with my meditation.


Mindfulness and meditation have long been a part of my everyday life, helping me understand my deeper needs and direction. The core of the mindfulness experience is the return to a sense of “oneness” with all things, and in this state, I experience simply the feeling of existence, without value judgments placed on phenomena by the brain. In many of my experiences of mindfulness I have clearly felt time “deconstructing,” as though every second of time experienced by every person in the world exists simultaneously. If we can look at each second from this kind of unified perspective, it is as like looking at a multitude of surveillance cameras from a godly perspective, all constantly playing their own different images. The sounds of the natural environment are like the values of individual people, each coming from its own background and having its own meaning therein, but in reality, those meanings are bestowed upon them by culture. By returning to a meditative sense of oneness, these sounds and images playing together form an elusive song played by existence itself.

Lakes: The energy of primal peace. At the moment of perfect peace, wisdom appears. Eliminating habit and hurry brings new internal space.